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Throwback Thursday – The Well

In May 2018, a well was dug and dedicated at The Covering. It was an answer to prayer, and over the past five years, it has provided access to clean water within our compound. Prior to having a well at the center, there was rarely running water, let alone clean water. By digging a well on the property, the children and staff now have access to CLEAN water!

The well is located in the side yard of the property, in the garden area. Since the well was dug, our kitchen has also been moved to the side yard, closer to the well. Freetown sits on a mountain made of granite. Because of this, it was uncertain how deep they would need to dig to hopefully hit water. Thankfully, after only 65 feet, they were able to access water for the well. Having a well onsite makes day-to-day operations easier. Previously, water had to be fetched from a nearby stream. There is now easy access to water for cooking, laundry, cleaning, and bathing. While we continue to purchase clean drinking water for our children, we are thankful every day for access to clean water for our staff and children.

We are grateful for our village that works together to make things like this possible. This project was funded by a team of TRS supporters who saw a need and raised the funds to meet this need. Now, more than five years later, it continues to bless The Raining Season, its children, and its staff.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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