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TRS's Newest Faces

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

We would like to introduce you to some new faces at The Raining Season. In the past two weeks, we have welcomed ten new children to The Raining Season family. Meet Joshua, Mohamed, identical twins Mary and Martha, Mabinity, Umaru, Aminata, Jacob, Mariama, and Deborah.

After receiving a warm welcome, they are all settling into their new home. They have begun school and are adjusting to new routines and activities. Five of these children come from Grafton. Grafton is a war widow refugee camp. Many of the women in this community were displaced by the civil war and were never able to return home. The Raining Season has supported the Grafton community regularly over the years, most recently through a rice feeding program in June. There are many vulnerable children in this community and social welfare placed five children at The Raining Season. The most recent children, a sibling group of three, came through an emergency placement Monday night.

This is the largest intake we have had in many years, and we are committed to loving and serving them. When we first opened our doors, we made a commitment to raising a new generation that would be healed from the inside out. We want each life to become a ripple of change, bringing hope for generations to come. Our sponsorship program is key to this commitment. When you commit to sponsoring one of these children, they will have a safe place to grow and learn. As we have shared before, we have the space and heart to serve more children in Sierra Leone, but we can't do it without your support.

Because of sponsors from across the country and beyond, our children at the center are able to receive the best possible care while meeting their basic needs, including safety, education, medical and mental health, spiritual and nutrition. Because of our outstanding group of dedicated sponsors, not only are their basic needs provided, but we are able to go above and beyond to care for our children. When a child lives in poverty, they're often too focused on surviving to dream of what their future might hold. However, when their basic needs are met, they can begin to dream about their futures!

Can you partner with The Raining Season through sponsorship? Can you share Joshua, Mohamed, Martha, Mary, Mabinity, Umaru, Aminata, Jacob, Mariama, and Deborah’s story with someone who can? To learn more about sponsoring one of these sweet faces, email our sponsorship coordinator, Karen Pyle, at What better way to welcome them to our center than to be able to tell them about their new sponsors?!

Thank you so much for your continued support. It is because of people like YOU that our kids continue to grow and flourish.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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