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Visiting The Covering

The Raining Season is blessed with many people willing to pour into our children. Whether through sponsorship or short-term mission trips, our children know they are loved. We are also very grateful for those in Sierra Leone and with connections to Sierra Leone who take the time to visit The Covering and get to know our children and staff. Through the years, we have welcomed volunteers like Miss Monica, who regularly visited and worked with our preschool children, sparking their passion for learning through fun and engaging activities. In 2017, US Marines stationed in Sierra Leone visited our center to play games and hang out with our children. A visit in June 2018 included representatives from the U.S. Embassy of Sierra Leone and the well-known Sierra Leonean Afropop singer Emmerson. One of our most notable visitors, Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina, visited in 2022.  

2024 has already brought several visitors to our center. In January, a CEO from a large bank in Sierra Leone visited The Covering, bringing a meal to share. While there, they also shared with the children about working hard and some financial wisdom. During the visit, each child received their own bag of goodies, too.

This past Saturday, a young woman visited. She is from London but was born in Sierra Leone. She recently graduated from university after studying journalism and is preparing to work in the political journalism industry. She often travels, and while visiting new places, she likes to contribute to charities in the places she is visiting. On her visit, she brought a home-cooked meal prepared by a friend’s cook as well as water and other drinks. She shared, “Dancing and getting to know some of the kids was such a heartwarming experience because they’re all so happy and full of life. My biggest fear was coming to an orphanage where children are sad, depressed, or lonely, but they all seemed so happy and excited. I liked how the staff also seemed very involved and caring, which is something you really want to see in places like this where there are vulnerable children.”  The children enjoyed this special guest and the delicious meal.

The Raining Season has been blessed with the opportunity to meet, create relationships, and partner with a number of individuals and organizations both in the United States and Sierra Leone. We are truly grateful for the desire to impact our children’s lives in a positive way and the time spent pouring into and serving them.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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