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What Does Christmas in Sierra Leone Look Like?

Happy New Year! It was an exciting end to 2020 in Sierra Leone. After lockdowns and an extended time off of school, our kids and staff were able to close out 2020 on a bright note with their annual Christmas celebration. Our Christmas celebrations have become one of the most anticipated events of the year for our children. Each year, we are able to make this an incredibly memorable tradition, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and friends.

The festivities began the week before Christmas when all of the kids received new clothes. Our staff in Sierra Leone spent an afternoon shopping for new everyday clothes in Freetown. Then, several days later, a second round of gifts arrived. A foosball table and small billiards table, as well as dartboards, checkers, and chess, will be the gifts that keep giving all year! The kids are already practicing and anxiously awaiting the first team to visit again to challenge them.

Then, just in time for Christmas, the new African dress clothes arrived. As you can see, the kids looked so sharp in their matching clothes. Not only did they look so good, but they were also ready to wear them for church at the center on Christmas morning. The Christmas Day celebrations were topped off with the big party. Our kids and staff were treated to a special meal and sodas while they played games and enjoyed their time together.

Because of sponsors and generous supporters, The Raining Season can continue providing unique memories for our children. The Christmas celebration is only one of many ways your support goes above and beyond providing for our children's basic needs and so much more. We continue to see our kids not only surviving but thriving. Thank you for your prayers and support that help make it all possible.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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