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You Make a Difference

Last week, we shared about the ten new children we welcomed to The Raining Season family. Joshua, Mohamed, identical twins Mary and Martha, Mabinty, Umaru, Aminata, Jacob, Mariama, and Deborah were placed at our center in the month of September. We are so grateful for the eight sponsors that stepped in last week to help welcome and support these children, but we still need you! Every child in our care is assigned multiple sponsors, which enables us to provide excellent care in the most difficult of conditions. Our goal is ten sponsors for each child.

Meet Mary and Martha. They are twelve year old identical twins. Beauty simply radiates them. When you sponsor one (or both) of these girls, you help ensure that they have access to three meals a day and clean water. As Mary or Martha’s sponsor, you will also have the opportunity to Skype with them monthly to remind them just how loved they are.

Meet Jacob, Mariama, and Deborah. They are seven, five, and two years old siblings. The Covering allows us to provide a safe and nurturing home for these siblings together. Your sponsorship helps to provide a staff focused solely on their care.

Meet Aminata. She is thirteen years old. She is a bright young girl. When you sponsor Aminata, she will continue to attend school and dream about her future. Sponsorship allows our children to attend school and receive a quality education.

Meet Mabinty. She is eleven years old. Mabinty joined an apartment of girls that quickly became her family. When we first opened our doors, we made a commitment to raising a new generation that would be healed from the inside out. Our children often come to us with fresh trauma. We know that the smiles come with time and trust. When you commit to sponsoring Mabinty, she will have a safe place to let her light shine.

Meet Mohamed and Joshua. They are seven and nine years old. Mohamed and Joshua both came to our center from the Grafton community. The Raining Season has supported the Grafton community regularly over the years. Now, you have the opportunity to show these boys all of the love and support they deserve as their sponsors. Your sponsorship will provide them with medical care and vitamins so that they can continue to grow big and strong.

Meet Umaru. He is twelve years old and from Kenema, Sierra Leone. When you commit to sponsoring Umaru, he will have the stability to not only survive but thrive! He can focus on school and dream of a future. Your support will allow Umaru to be a kid, just as he deserves.

Thank you for your continued support! We are so grateful for the sacrifices our sponsors make to love and support our kids at the center. Join us in continuing to pray for our kids so they may know they are loved and see Jesus through their sponsors.

Can you partner with The Raining Season to show these children the love and support they deserve? Reach out to our sponsorship coordinator, Karen Pyle, to learn more.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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