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Meet Charles and Ally Currie

The lives impacted by The Raining Season is a joint effort between our in-country staff, US-based staff, missionaries, many volunteers and you, our faithful supporters.

Today, we introduce you to Charles and Ally Currie, current long-term missionaries with The Raining Season in Sierra Leone. Charles and Ally made their first trip to Sierra Leone in June of 2016 and by February of 2017, they had decided to move to Sierra Leone long-term to the serve The Raining Season. By July of 2017, they had packed up their lives in America and moved from their home in Tennessee to Sierra Leone. It has been a year of ups and downs, adjustment, and a huge blessing as they have seen the Lord working in Sierra Leone.

The Curries have spent the last year pouring into the staff, children and hosting mission teams at The Covering. They have been instrumental in the launch of The Roots Home. Ally has also taken on the position as the travel coordinator. Their hearts for serving is a blessing to our children and organization. Below is an update from Ally sharing about their first year in Freetown.

In order for Charles and Ally to be in Sierra Leone, they independently raise all of their support. As Charles and Ally enter their second year in Sierra Leone please join us in praying for them. Pray for wisdom and encouragement in fulfilling their purpose in Sierra Leone. This week we are hosting an online fundraiser to support the ongoing efforts of Charles and Ally Currie. Please consider making a financial contribution to their ministry within The Raining Season. Once again, thank you for your continued support. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

"We have seen an overflow of the Lord's goodness this last year co-existing with some of the difficult realities that come with moving into a different culture. I've come to learn that in the midst of the ugly difficulties life brings we see the goodness of the Lord shine through the most.

We came to Sierra Leone not exactly knowing what we would be doing. Charles came to assist some of our local staff in starting The Roots Project. The Roots Project began as an idea to create a domestic adoption program within the country of Sierra Leone. Throughout the beginning couple of months, Charles' research led him to believe, even if a domestic adoption program would be possible one day there was still a group of kids that wouldn't be served. That group is becoming more widely known as "aged-out" youth. Kids ages sixteen and up are no longer eligible for adoption. Charles and the management staff here have created another facet of the Roots Project. The Roots Project will now include a transitional home for up to eight kids, as well as skills and educational opportunities for the kids.

Since the slight change in mission, our time has looked different too, we've spent a lot of time with the older kids, hearing their stories, listening to their dreams and talking to them about plans for their future. It’s been deeply rewarding to get know these kids. Their stories display the ugliness of sin and its effects but also the deep reach of Christ's love in the midst of it all. I can't tell you how the Lord has grown our faith through their joy! We know if nothing else our time spent building these relationships has been worthy of all the energy and resources it takes.

I have also taken over a role inside of The Raining Season, as the travel coordinator. This again was something not on our radar but we've seen the Lord provide through it in many ways. We've had the opportunity to host and share life with all the travelers who visit The Covering. It's been a privilege to introduce many people to our world and life we have come to love in Salone.

Our last year has been full to the brim. We've hosted eight mission teams, helped rent and furnish a large home to begin the transitional home and continue to build relationships with our friends and neighbors. Life looks really different from when we first moved here and that in and of itself brings both bitter and sweet feelings. We're so grateful for all the people who gave to us, our church who visited us, and those who have joined this journey with us.

We are so excited (and a little nervous) to see what the year will hold and how the Lord will continue to teach us more about Himself in the midst of the parenting story we are about to begin. We are so thankful for each of you and how you've all played a part in our story."

Charles and Ally Currie

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