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Meet Auntie Geraldine

On #GivingTuesday, it is an honor to introduce a long-time staff member from our in-country staff. Caregiver, auntie, and superhero are just a few of the names Auntie Geraldine Gaima goes by. Auntie Geraldine is a familiar face at The Raining Season as she has been part of the staff for nearly 9 years. She is the apartment coordinator and head caregiver of the Hope Room, which is home to our special needs children. Auntie Geraldine treats the children as if they are her own and is a blessing to anyone that gets to know her.

Children with special needs in Sierra Leone are often viewed and cared for differently than in the United States. It is a unique situation, and often times children with special needs are not accepted in orphanages or are treated in unimaginable ways. The Raining Season has become known in Freetown for the incredible care they give children with special needs. One thing that Auntie Geraldine appreciates most about working at The Raining Season is that they are able to provide a place where the children are loved, cared for and safe. It is no surprise that Auntie Geraldine embraces this sentiment.

Auntie Geraldine attended school through college. She graduated from a nursing program as a rehabilitation therapist. She and her husband have one son and are also the caregiver to one other dependant. Her husband is an agriculturist and works in the provinces.

Auntie Geraldine is a very intelligent woman and continues to further her education in ways that enable her to best serve the children she works with. She is always eager to learn from teams that travel with The Raining Season. Many travelers have shared their expertise, from physical therapists to special education teachers. Auntie Geraldine works to implement those strategies with the children in the Hope Room. She also visited America in October of 2016. The trip allowed her to reconnect with families who have adopted children that were once under her care. While in America, Auntie Geraldine attended an adoption conference and visited Iowa and Tennessee.

Auntie Geraldine is a bright light. She is compassionate and loving. Her gentle spirit and ability to connect with children in the Hope Room is an incredible blessing to the children and The Raining Season. When others looked the other way, Auntie Geraldine came on board and never looked back. We are thankful for her willingness to serve some of our most vulnerable children day in and day out.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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