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What Are They up to Now?

In November of 2017, The Raining Season founders, Erica and Jason, announced that they would be stepping back from their leadership roles within TRS. They had spent many years pouring everything into The Raining Season. However, they could see The Raining Season flourishing and knew that it was time to set it free. Their step back brought some changes, including Francis Pyle being named the new Executive Director. It also brought the exciting announcement that Osseh Kamara was being named co-founder. Osseh walked alongside Erica and Jason when they were deep in the trenches and fighting for the children of Sierra Leone. Erica and Jason always believed that one day The Raining Season would be led by Sierra Leoneans and funded by the US. By November of 2017, they knew that the time was coming.

Although Erica and Jason took a step back from The Raining Season, they are still very much involved with operations, just in a different way and more behind the scenes. If you have been wondering about what Erica and Jason have been up to, then read on! Today, we have all the details on their current roles with The Raining Season and what they have been doing outside of TRS. It has not been a quiet season for them. Between raising their six children, running a business, personal projects, and some behind the scenes work at The Raining Season, Jason and Erica are always on the go.

Let’s begin with Erica. Erica has been working on numerous projects. Music is one of Erica’s passions, and she has been working to release her new album in May. We are excited to announce that two singles from her new album have just dropped. Her most recent project is the release of her first book, Gray: A Story of Loss. Erica has been working on her book for the past few years. In March, her book released, quickly jumping to the top of the charts across multiple categories on Amazon. Gray is a story about their daughter, Adama, and how Erica found herself as an unlikely advocate for orphaned children in Sierra Leone. Gray shares Erica's riveting story, and also gives insight on The Raining Season and where it all began. We are thankful for her rawness and the voice that gives to the most vulnerable.

Aside from personal projects, Erica has provided assistance to Francis and the organization wherever it might be needed. When TRS needs her to pray, give her opinion or meet, she is there. Erica has been instrumental in child advocacy and fighting for the rights of children in Sierra Leone. She has brought forth many needs and worked with our staff to address and meet these needs. She has a deep knowledge of the culture of Sierra Leone as well as the laws of Sierra Leone. Erica also travels to Sierra Leone several times a year, working mainly on administrative tasks while in-country.

While Erica has been busy working on personal projects and working behind the scenes with TRS, Jason has been jumping in and taking on tasks as needed. He has worked closely with Francis, both mentoring, counseling and sharing input with him. Jason also leads several teams to Sierra Leone each year, introducing American travelers to Sierra Leone’s Parrot energy drink. All kidding aside, Jason and his men's teams are able to assist in BIG projects. His team used their manpower in 2018 to help prepare Pastor Daniel’s new home for his family to move in. Most recently, Jason worked with Molly Bollie and a team on a fundraising campaign for current missionaries with The Raining Season, Charles and Ally Currie. The team raised $10,000 in one week to help the Curries continue to serve in Sierra Leone and lead the Roots Project.

A lot has changed for Erica and Jason in the past two years, but one thing remains the same. They are still the same people with the same passion for Sierra Leone. The Raining Season is not a hobby or a mission to Erica and Jason, it is a family. Jason noted that, “It is in our blood. Five of our children are from there. We will always have a part, a heart, and a role. When we took a step back, some people thought we left, moved on, but that was never the case. In the beginning, we had to be really involved. But now, we are there to step in and be there, but TRS is somewhat standing on its own. We have an amazing board and Fran is doing an amazing job. We are Sierra Leonean led and we are in a great spot! We get to step to the side and watch it continue to flourish.”

We are thankful for the love, vision, and passion that Erica and Jason have shown over the years and we are grateful that they continue to walk alongside us each step of the way.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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