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A Time for Celebration

We are already a quarter of the way through 2021. While COVID protocols remain in place, we are thankful that our children and staff remain healthy and have been able to resume many of their regular schedules and activities. This week, on the blog, we are sharing a recap of the March birthday celebration, what nightly devotions look like at the center, and we are celebrating a notable accomplishment of Sam Laggah, our Logistics Officer.

March Birthdays

Thanks in part to our 2020 calendar fundraiser, monthly birthday celebrations have been a real treat in helping our kids feel special during their birthday month this year. With help from the girls in the Roots House and Auntie Marie, the kids are treated to delicious homemade cake, food, drinks, and music at their special birthday party. On March 27th, all of our kids with March birthdays were celebrated at the center.

Nightly Devotions

After an extended break due to COVID, the kids resumed their whole group outdoor devotions together on Wednesday and Friday evenings. They completed their nightly devotions in their individual apartments during the lockdown, so we are grateful to see them gather together again. If you have traveled to our center, you know how special these nightly devotions are. Pastor Daniel supervises and shares during devotions; however, many of the kids are active in leading bible studies and devotions.

Congratulations Sam Laggah

Finally, we want to take the time to congratulate The Raining Season’s Logistics Officer, Sam Laggah. Uncle Sam graduated from The University of Sierra Leone on April 13th with a Master of Philosophy and Religious Studies degree and a Diploma in Procurement. This is a great accomplishment that he has been working towards for several years. Uncle Sam shared this today, “I thank the Almighty God for His divine grace, showering protection, provision, and guidance on me. I recognize and acknowledge the fact that the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, strength, and all other qualities that have made this day a possibility comes from Him. I, therefore, dedicate this wonderful day to Him again; all glory and honour goes to Him.” We are grateful for a hardworking and dedicated staff that models excellence. Congratulations, Sam, on this tremendous achievement!

As we enter into the second quarter of 2021, we are excited for what the rest of the year will bring. Thank you for your continued support and prayers throughout the year. We appreciate YOU!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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