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An Easter Message from Pastor Daniel

Jesus is alive!

We are blessed to have Pastor Daniel Kamara as part of The Raining Season staff. He is passionate, energetic, and a strong leader and role model for our children to look up to. Like many of you, we have missed hearing Pastor Daniel share the gospel over the past year. However, although we cannot be there to witness it, Pastor Daniel continues to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the children and staff at our center on a daily basis. In the spirit of Easter, we asked Pastor Daniel to share an Easter message with us.

“Brothers and Sisters, Happy Easter! We love you so much! Reading about the Raining Season is not enough. Watching movies about The Raining Season is not enough. Come and see for yourself. Come and see; We are one family. In Krio, we are one fambul! God bless you. Happy Easter! I pray that God will bring healing in each and every life. God will bring transformations. He died and all our sins and everything has been buried, and soon, He resurrects. We are alive in Jesus’ name. God bless you!” -Pastor Daniel

Thank you, Pastor Daniel, for pouring into the children and staff at The Raining Season, teams when they travel, and the Freetown community. Your impact has a ripple effect throughout Sierra Leone and America.

This Sunday, we will rejoice in His resurrection. The Raining Season wishes you and your family a joyous Easter. He is risen!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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