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Back to School

It has been an interesting seven months, both in the U.S. and in Sierra Leone.  Our staff and children have made great sacrifices to ensure their safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Today, we have a bit of good news to share.  We are so excited to share that earlier this month, our kids at the center returned to school.  After an extended time off due to COVID-19, our kids were anxious and ready to go back to school.

With slight adjustments to continue to ensure everyone’s safety, all of our children have returned to school.  Many of our children continue to attend school on-site at the center. We are very fortunate to have our own school here at The Raining Season.   Our upper-level students are once again attending school outside of the center.  Our current on-site school only goes to grade six.  That means more children are leveling out of our in-house school each year.

Our teachers have resumed their daily teaching schedules while incorporating masks and social distancing into their classrooms.  We are thankful for an excellent and dependable team of teachers.  They have linked arms with us for many years.  They provide a quality education that enables our children to score higher than most on all national testing. They prepare our young children to move on to secondary schools and beyond.

As we prepared to return to many of our normal routines at the center Dr. Nicole McCauley, The Raining Season’s medical liaison, provided training to ensure a safe return to work protocol for our staff and teachers.  We are blessed with an incredible in-country staff, board of directors, and many others that have lent their expertise as we have navigated this unprecedented time.  They have applied wisdom and discernment every step of the way.  Transitioning out of some of our lockdown procedures also means that Skype will be returning soon!  Like many of you, our children have greatly missed their Skype dates with their sponsors.

We are cautiously optimistic as routines begin to return to normal.  Our in-country director, Sorie Kamara, reported that there are still some COVID-19 cases in Sierra Leone.  However, many people in Sierra Leone want the government to reopen the country, especially lifting the 11 p.m. curfew that is still in force.  We are grateful that our children have returned to school.  Not only did they miss their teachers and friends, but they also missed learning.  Education in Sierra Leone is a privilege, and our children understand its importance.  Education offers opportunity and a future for our children.       

Join us in praying for our teachers and children as well as a happy and healthy school year!  

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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