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Back to School

September at The Raining Season means that it is time for our kids to head back to school. On September 5th, our younger children that attend school at the center began their new school year. This past Monday, our older kids that attend school outside of the center started their new year of classes.

This year, 98% of our students that attend school at the center were promoted to the next grade level. Our children who attend school outside the center are also beginning their year, with nearly all students promoting to the next grade level. Our older students who took the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination in May are still waiting on their results. If they pass, they will be able to enroll in University.

Our classrooms were painted in preparation for the new school year, and new supplies, including uniforms, backpacks, school shoes, books, and pens, were purchased. Our teachers also spent time preparing for the new school year with our July team. We are thankful for an excellent and dependable team of teachers. They have linked arms with us for many years. They provide a quality education that prepares our young children to move on to secondary schools and beyond.

The biggest news this back to school season is that The Raining Season has been able to open its school to the surrounding community! We have been so fortunate to have a school onsite that so many of our children have attended. Our onsite school goes through grade six; however, each year, more and more students promote to grade seven and begin attending school outside the center. This has left smaller numbers of TRS kids attending school onsite and room to serve the community. We are excited to share that our school is currently serving thirty-one TRS kids and eighty-nine children from the community! Many of these children are part of our preschool classes.

We know how important an excellent education is in impacting our children's future success. We are proud of their dedication to their studies and excitement for the new school year. Education is a stepping stone in helping our kids achieve their dreams of becoming doctors, accountants, teachers, and lawyers. Join us in praying for our teachers and children as they enter a new school year.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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