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Caring for Children with Special Needs in Sierra Leone

For many children with special needs in Sierra Leone, there is no hope.  At The Raining Season, The Hope Room is an apartment solely dedicated to caring for and nurturing children with special needs.  The Hope Room provides a safe place for children to be loved and cared for well.  They receive specialized nutrition to help them gain weight and grow, as well as top-notch medical care.   The aunties are trained to understand their specific needs and care for them based on those needs.  They can perform exercises to increase mobility and even exercises to enhance their speech.

Meet Kadiatu Abu. Kadiatu is 4 years old.  Her aunties, friends, and sponsors call her Kadie.  She has been able to count on her sponsors since she came to the center a little over three years ago.  When Kadie first arrived at The Raining Season in 2017, she joined the Hope Apartment.  Kadie had some developmental delays, but thanks to the outstanding care she receives in the Hope Apartement, she went from surviving to thriving in the last three years.  Her aunties shared that Kadie is friendly and always smiling.   Kadie's sponsors adore her sweet personality.

We praise the Lord as today, Kadie is in perfect health and becoming stronger each day, thanks to the incredible care she receives at the center, as well as the continued support of her sponsors.  As a young toddler, Kadie was immobile.  She could communicate and speak, but she had trouble forming words.  In three years, Kadie has been able to celebrate both big and small milestones.  Today, she is not walking yet, but she is mobile.  We believe that one day she will not only walk but run!  And the smile her aunties and sponsors have commented on is ALWAYS on her face!  You see, Kadie, along with all of the kiddos in the Hope Room, are incredible and extraordinary in every way.  They brighten each room they are in with their smiles and lovable personalities.   

The Raining Season has become known in Freetown for the incredible care they give children with special needs.  Our aunties in the Hope Apartment are always open and willing to learn new things.  Many travelers have shared their expertise, from physical therapists to special education teachers.  The aunties apply these new skills into their daily routines.   Our aunties in the Hope Room are compassionate and loving.  Their gentle spirits and ability to connect with children in the Hope Room are an incredible blessing to the children and The Raining Season.  We are thankful for the capabilities and resources to serve some of our most vulnerable children in Sierra Leone day in and day out.

When you sponsor a child in the Hope Apartment, you are not only ensuring that they will have food in their bellies and a warm bed to sleep in, but you play an extraordinary part in their story.   You support their growth, development, and the aunties who take care of them around the clock, giving them the specific attention they need.

Because of sponsors like Kadie’s, and an incredible staff to care for her, Kadie is reaching new milestones.  Kadie’s story would have looked very different had it not been for The Raining Season.  Thank you for being a part of Kadie’s story.  

Are you ready to be a part of a child’s story at The Raining Season?  Learn more about sponsorship here.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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