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Center Update

While at times, it seems there is not a lot going on, there is still plenty to celebrate.  We wanted to take a quick minute to share a brief update on things in Sierra Leone.

First and foremost, our kids are happy and healthy.  They have continued with much of their regular routines.  They have continued to complete their schoolwork, and many of them are studying for big exams that they will take in August and September.

Our staff continues to go above and beyond in caring for our children.  We are continuously grateful for the sacrifices they have made to stay at the center for this extended amount of time.

Finally, our first Meet the Need Campaign was a success.  We were overwhelmed with gratitude for the many generous donations The Raining Season received toward the purchase of medical supplies and new flip flops for the kids.  Thank you to everyone that donated.  Be on the lookout for a picture of our kids in their new flip flops!

Join us in praying for our kids as they finish their school year.  We also pray for the continued health and safety of our kids, our staff, and their families.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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