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Countdown to Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is on! The hustle and bustle might look a little different this year. However, our staff has been busy preparing for our annual Christmas celebration at the center. Over the years, we have been able to create special Christmas memories for the children and staff at the center, including a yearly party with a delicious meal and a trip to the beach. Each year, we have been able to make this an incredibly memorable celebration, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and friends.

The annual Christmas celebration is an opportunity for our kids and staff to create their own unforgettable Christmas traditions. We are grateful that these special memories remind our children and staff just how loved and appreciated they are. One tradition is purchasing each child a new Christmas outfit. This week, some of our staff spent time in Freetown shopping for our kids' new Christmas clothes. Our leadership staff is diligently working on planning each detail for the upcoming Christmas celebration. We look forward to sharing all the details from their celebration after Christmas!

Are you still working on checking names off your Christmas list? We have crafted a unique opportunity to give the gift of sponsorship to a loved one this holiday season. This year, you can share the joy of giving by gifting a one-month or one-year sponsorship for a child at The Raining Season to a loved one. This gift will provide nourishment, medical care, education, clothing, personal items, and a staff to love and care for a child for one month or one year. As a part of this gift, your loved one will receive a personal letter from the child they sponsor. They will also have the opportunity to write a letter back to the child.

To give the gift of sponsorship this Christmas, visit this link. To ensure your gift is processed correctly, write “Christmas Sponsorship” in the notes. A donation of $45 will provide a one-month sponsorship gift, or $540 will gift a one-year sponsorship to a child at The Raining Season. The Raining Season will reach out via email with a sponsorship card and letter to share with the gift recipient.

Thank you for your continued support of The Raining Season, not only during the Christmas season but all through the year. We are grateful for your continued support and prayers.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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