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End of Year Exams

Have you ever Skyped with your sponsor child and they told you they are preparing for their exams or they have just finished their exams? Throughout the school year, our kids take multiple exams, and it can be a little confusing. However, the most important exams occur at the end of the school year.

Our Prep Six kids spent April preparing for the National Primary School Examination (NPSE). Then, on May 7th was their big exam day. Passing this exam means not only promoting on to the next grade level but also promoting to Junior Secondary School. If they are promoted to Junior Secondary School, they will attend school outside of the center next fall.

Several days later, on May 9th, our students in Senior Secondary Three, began taking their West Africa Senior School Certificate Exam (WASSCE). Three of our young adults in the Roots Program are taking this exam. They have spent the school year studying to prepare for this exam that is only offered once a year. We are also grateful that they were able to participate in additional test prep with a tutor after school during the week throughout the past year. Passing this exam would be a big step toward their futures as it would allow them to enroll in University. The exam lasts through mid-June.

Finally, our kids will close out their school year with exams to promote to the next grade level in June. Our kids have worked incredibly hard this school year. We are proud of them and everything they have overcome.

As exams finish, our kids are looking forward to a break from school in July and August, as well as a visit from our first team in more than two years in July!

Please join us in praying for our children as they prepare and take their final exams for the school year. Also, join us in praying as we look ahead to more of our kids entering college. We pray not only for their success on the West Africa Senior School Certificate Exam but also that we are able to secure the additional funding needed for college tuition.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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