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It Takes a Village

Nearly 100 children; A staff of sixty-three aunties, cooks, guards, teachers, administrators, and others who love, protect, and provide for our children regardless of circumstances; 8 apartments at The Covering plus a Roots House for the girls and a Roots House for the boys; 3 meals served every day; and countless windows broken by soccer balls over the years.

The numbers only begin to paint a picture of what your sponsorship dollars provide for our children. However, we know one thing for sure - It takes a village to do what we do.

At the beginning of May, we embarked on a bold campaign with the goal of joining hands with 100 new sponsors for the children at The Covering.

Sponsorship is $45 per month. We are grateful to the countless people who commit to giving $15, $20, $45, or $100 each month through sponsorship. We do not take your generosity or willingness to sponsor a child for granted. However, if you are considering sponsoring, we want to challenge you to consider the impact that your $45 could have. For about $1.50 per day, you become a part of a child’s story at The Raining Season. As a sponsor, you witness the transformation of a child as they are loved, discipled, and restored through spiritual nurturing. For the cost of about one dinner out each month, you see them grow bigger, taller, and faster because sponsorship provides them with three meals a day to meet their nutritional needs. As a sponsor, you can Skype with your child, where they will tell you about an upcoming exam or what they dream of becoming when they grow up. Your $45 per month will help ensure that a child has continued access to medical care when bumps and bruises appear or a more serious illness, like malaria, sets in.

Meet Isaac. Isaac can call the Raining Season home because of sponsorship. Isaac is eleven years old. He was found abandoned by a female police officer who took him in and cared for him. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2016. Her mother took over Isaac’s care until she was no longer able to. He came to TRS in August of 2019. Isaac enjoys playing soccer and basketball. He likes to clean his room and help his aunties with chores. He also enjoys going to school and church. Isaac knows how vital sponsorship is. He has experienced a lot of change in his short life. The Raining Season provides him with stability and a place to call home. Did you know that Isaac prays for his sponsors every day? It’s true; he does! Isaac needs four more sponsors to be fully sponsored. This week, would you consider sharing Isaac’s story? Can you help us find four sponsors for Isaac so that we can share the good news with him? To sponsor Isaac, click here or email to learn more.

If there is anything this journey has taught us, it is that there is no dream too big for God to make a reality. The Lord is faithful, but this dream is not possible without YOU. Thank you for linking arms with us for these children!

Together, we can rescue, empower, and restore.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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