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Meet Dixon Sandy

A new school year is always an exciting time. Our kids at the center started back to school in mid-September. Many of our children attend school on-site at the center. We are very fortunate to have our own school here at The Raining Season. However, a growing number of our kids are leveling out of our in-house school each year as we are only able to serve through grade 6. A long term goal is to continue to expand our school and the grades we offer. However, since that is not yet possible, our older students attend school outside of the center. This year,  our older kids started at a new school. This school is located nearly adjacent from the center, making it within walking distance, a much more convenient location. The school year is still new, but so far they are loving their new school!  

Back at the center, we are thankful for an excellent team of teachers.  They have linked arms with us. They provide a quality education that enables our children to score higher than most on all national testing. With the start of a new school year, there seemed to be no better time than now to introduce you to one of our teachers. Today, we introduce you to Dixon Sandy. Uncle Dixon began as a teacher with The Raining Season in 2010. This past September, he began his 9th school year with us.

Like so many of our staff members, he was introduced to The Raining Season by one of our staff members.   We are thankful for his commitment to our children over the past nine years. He cares deeply for the children and is dedicated to serving and teaching them. 


Uncle Dixon completed a four-year degree receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Administration from Keisie International University USA under the International Institute Biblical Theology Education and Management in Freetown. His official certificate will be presented to him in March of 2020. A big congratulations to Uncle Dixon in advance for this milestone!

Uncle Dixon and his wife have been married for twelve years. His servant heart carries into his personal life. Uncle Dixon and his wife do not have any children of their own, however, they do care for four children who are the children of relatives.  

Uncle Dixon's commitment to The Raining Season is something we are incredibly thankful for. He shared this about his experience with The Raining Season, “One of the reasons why I like working with T.R.S is that the organization’s vision is fulfilling God's promise of taking care of orphans and giving them hope according to the book of James. T.R.S has also helped me develop some Godly characters, like patience.” It is beautiful to see a man who can connect with and encourage our children; someone who can be a role model for our growing boys.

Thank you, Uncle Dixon, for your dedication to our children. Your patience and encouragement inspires our children to grow in their studies and develop a love for learning. Join us in praying for our teachers and children as they enter a new school year. Best wishes to our education staff and students in the new school year!

Many blessings, 

The Raining Season


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