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Meet Dr. Nicole McCauley

Today, it is a tremendous honor for The Raining Season to introduce someone that has been working in the trenches, dreaming, and serving The Raining Season for many years. 

Let us introduce Dr. Nicole McCauley to you. In the coming months, you will hear her name as we introduce new projects that are in the works. Not only has she had a huge impact on The Raining Season over the past ten years, but she is also impacting others on a national and global level.  

She is a pediatric and perinatal specialist in the field of chiropractic. She lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her husband. Like so many, she has been involved with The Raining Season since almost the very beginning. She began donating to TRS in 2009 and soon after took her first trip in 2010. 

She has also served as a medical liaison and consultant for the past ten years. Nicole and her husband were unable to have children. She used what was, and is, a huge source of tragedy and heartache in her life to give back and serve others. It is the McCauley’s life mission to positively impact as many children as possible while they are living and set up a legacy for after they are gone. 

The McCauleys have both a non-profit and LLC that they use to help achieve their mission. Her heart for TRS and others makes it quite evident that she is well on the way to accomplishing her mission.     

Dr. McCauley is a friend of our Executive Director’s wife, Lori Pyle. In 2009, Lori was looking for sponsors for a mission trip she was taking to Sierra Leone. Dr. McCauley was glad to support her journey, having no idea how much that decision was going to forever change her life. When Lori returned from her initial trip, she came to see Dr. McCauley with what Nicole called, “determined intensity.”  She told her that she needed to go back with her. Dr. McCauley had done mission work before, so she said yes. Lori called later that week to tell her when her first payment was due, and Nicole realized that she meant now! Dr. McCauley and her husband began fundraising for The Covering, and they sponsored their first child before traveling there three months later. 

As a supporter, medical liaison, and consultant for The Raining Season, Dr. McCauley has traveled to our center in Sierra Leone three times.  She traveled in 2010 for her initial trip. While there, she performed health assessments and adjustments for all of the children. She traveled again in 2014, just prior to the Ebola lockdown.  During that trip, she worked with the staff to teach them First Aid and CPR in preparation for the lockdown. Her most recent trip was in 2016. On that trip, she brought her three nieces to serve alongside her and to meet the children that their family was sponsoring.  While in-country, Dr. McCauley typically works with the nurses on case management, as well as performing physical exams and providing chiropractic care to the children.

Aside from traveling, Dr. McCauley is in contact with the nursing staff at least weekly or as needed on a case by case basis.  Together with the nursing staff, they co-create care plans using their combined knowledge, skill sets, and resources to provide the best care for the children. Dr. McCauley will also connect with other traveling medical professionals prior to their trips and be the lead for out of country referrals and medical device sourcing.  

Nicole is heavily involved as she brainstorms and develops things that will impact the future of The Raining Season.  She has spearheaded a new project that will impact the sustainability of The Raining Season, a goal since the very beginning.

Dr. Nicole McCauley is a wealth of information for The Raining Season.  Her medical expertise, as well as her servant's heart, are invaluable to The Raining Season.  Her work is creating a ripple effect that will continue to serve and bless others for many years to come.  Dr. McCauley, thank you for linking arms with us. We appreciate you more than words can describe. We are looking forward to seeing the continued impact of your work in Sierra Leone in 2020 and beyond!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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