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👋🏼 Meet Josephine

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

As we grow closer and closer to Christmas, we can’t help but think about how grateful we are for the children that call The Raining Season home. In twelve years, we have witnessed miracles as the Lord works through our children, our staff, and people like you who continue to support our mission. Our children are proof of miracles every day, and we celebrate with them as their stories unfold.

How it Started - Meet Josephine. Josephine has called The Raining Season home for more than nine years. Josephine was born on April 25, 2006. She came to The Raining Season when she was just six years old. Her father passed away in 2011, leaving her mother to care for her and her five siblings. Because it was so difficult for her mother to care for the children alone, she asked that several of her children be brought to The Raining Season for a better life.

How it’s Going - Today, Josephine is 15 years old. She is kind and caring. She is doing very well in school because school is very important to Josephine, and she enjoys studying. She also loves reading and dancing. You can often find her laughing and dancing with her friends.

As you can see in the pictures, Josephine has grown from a little girl into a beautiful young lady in the nine years she has been a part of The Raining Season. She has grown in her faith and excelled in school. Thank you for being part of Josephine’s story at The Raining Season. Because of people like you, Josephine can look forward to a bright future. Because of The Raining Season, Josephine has a safe place to call home. She is cared for and discipled every day. In just over two weeks, she will be able to celebrate Christmas with her TRS family, and because of our amazing staff and her sponsors, she knows just how much she is loved.

Are you still looking for a gift for the person who seems to have everything? We have crafted a unique opportunity to give the gift of sponsorship to a loved one this holiday season. This year, you can share the joy of giving by gifting a one-month or one-year sponsorship of a child at The Raining Season to a loved one. This gift will provide nourishment, medical care, education, clothing, personal items, and a staff to love and care for a child for one month or one year.

To give the gift of sponsorship this Christmas, visit this link. To ensure your gift is processed correctly, write “Christmas Sponsorship” in the notes. A donation of $45 will provide a one-month sponsorship gift, or $540 will gift a one-year sponsorship to a child at The Raining Season. The Raining Season will reach out via email with a sponsorship card to share with the gift recipient.

Thank you for your continued support of The Raining Season during the Christmas season and all through the year. We are grateful for your ongoing support and prayers.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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