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Meet Our Newest Board Member Darren Woodruff

Our board is made up of individuals from across the country. They come from different professions, backgrounds, and walks of life. However, they all have one thing in common - a heart for The Raining Season, our kids, and our staff.

We recently welcomed a new member to our TRS board, Darren Woodruff. Darren has been a part of The Raining Season family for many years and eagerly said yes when asked to join the board.

Darren lives in Camas, Washington, with his wife of nearly twenty-five years, Chrissie. They have four children, ages twenty, nineteen, fourteen, and twelve. They also share a property with Darren’s parents. Darren has worked in medical devices for twenty-three years. He enjoys being a youth coach, reading, running, backpacking, skiing, and fly fishing in his free time.

Darren first became connected to The Raining Season by his wife, who traveled with our current Executive Director, Lori Pyle, years ago. After his wife traveled, he wanted to see what she was sharing with him firsthand. Their family began supporting, then sponsoring, and eventually, they adopted their oldest son in 2014.

Darren has traveled to Sierra Leone two times. His first trip was to our center on Juba Hill, and his second trip was to visit our current center. Between his two trips, his favorite story is riding with pastor Daniel on his motorcycle to find spare tires for a hospital’s wheelchairs. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be an all day adventure!

Darren’s vision for The Raining Season is to build “a welcoming campus that can care for the children and families in need. Those needing shelter, food, love, grace, education, guidance, and safety can benefit from TRS. I envision a community college with uni and vocational skills training, agri and aquaculture, tech and wind/solar/hydro, and athletic teams.”

Darren, thank you for partnering with The Raining Season as a member of our board. We are grateful for your commitment to TRS, our kids, and our staff.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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