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Meet Salamatu Conteh

Meet Salamatu Conteh. Salamatu has been able to call The Raining Season home for nearly ten years because of her loyal and devoted sponsors. Salamatu turned thirteen years old in May and is in grade 5. Her friends, aunties, uncles, and sponsors call her Salay for short. Salay and her brother, Issa, came to our center about ten years ago. She is shy and will often observe rather than seek out visitors for attention or conversation. However, Salay loves it when her sponsors come to visit. When her sponsors visit, she enjoys going to the beach with them. She is nervous in the water, but enjoys splashing and playing in the sand!

Salamatu loves playing with her friends. Two of her favorite things to do are play Uno and jump rope. She is very close to her roommates. The apartment-style set up allows Salumatu and all of the children to foster relationships and build stability. Salamatu enjoys reading about princesses and writing letters to her sponsors. She continues to excel in school. Math is challenging for her, but she is working on it. Despite her shyness, she is a good participant at school and in Sunday school and answers questions. She has learned a lot about God and the Bible since coming to the center. 

As you can see in the pictures, Salamatu has grown from a toddler into a beautiful teenager in the ten years she has been a part of The Raining Season. It has been amazing watching her grow in her faith, education, and relationships over the years. Sponsorship makes it possible for TRS and our incredible staff to care for her. Sponsorship dollars enable Salumatu to flourish! She does not have to worry where she will sleep or when her next meal will be. She receives regular medical care, and there are staff members dedicated to her spiritual growth. Salumatu receives an excellent education that will provide her with many opportunities in the future. Salay is well cared for and knows that she is loved. Salamatu’s story would have looked very different, had it not been for The Raining Season. Thank you for being a part of Salamatu’s story.  

Are you ready to be a part of a child’s story at The Raining Season? Learn more about sponsorship here.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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