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👋🏼 Meet Yatta

We recently welcomed Yatta to our center. A long road filled with divine appointments led Yatta to The Raining Season. She was very sick when we learned about her story. We are grateful that her health is improving, but she desperately needs sponsors. Yatta has come to us with fresh trauma, desperately needing to feel that she is loved and cared for. Sponsorship, along with time and trust, will help Yatta let her light shine once again.

Yatta's story was shared with our founder, Erica Rust, by Faith Stine. Faith was adopted from our center, and she continues to use her voice to advocate for kids in Sierra Leone. She is an Ambassador for Kids at TRS and continues to invest her time in TRS. Yatta’s story was shared with Faith, and Faith shared it with Erica. Yatta was in Waterloo, close to where Erica and our Executive Director, Lori Pyle, happened to be visiting that day. They set out to find Yatta. With so few marked roads, and such a congested community, it wasn't easy, but they finally found the place she was staying.

Yatta is six years old. She was in desperate need of medical care when she was found. She is an orphan and was being raised by a grandmother who didn’t have the means to take care of her. Because of her medical needs, our TRS staff was able to take her to the emergency hospital, about an hour away and a neighbor volunteered to come along to help.

At the hospital, Yatta had blood work and an x-ray. The results showed no fractures or broken bones, however, she did have a very bad infection. The doctors suggested transferring her to another hospital that could treat her immediately. Yatta was then taken to a second hospital, where she was admitted and settled in. She immediately began receiving treatment and also underwent surgery to help remove the infection. She had a short stay in the hospital before she was healthy enough to be discharged to TRS.

She is now settling in at The Raining Season. As she continues to heal, she can't play or go out of her room yet, but the kids are coming in and spending time with her, playing with her, and getting to know her.

Erica shared, "Her name is Yatta. And she counts. Her life and her voice matter. Another divine appointment proving God exists and has a heart for these kids… It's why He continues to call us to action. Showing us who and where we need to be. We will continue to listen. We will continue to fight for her. Her story will change lives. I am sure of it."

Join us in praying for Yatta as she joins The Raining Season family. We pray for a smooth transition and that she will know the love of Jesus through the staff, her brothers and sisters at the center, and her sponsors. We pray for her complete healing and that she is able to regain her strength.

The Raining Season has the ability to serve more children like Yatta, but we can't do it without your support through sponsorship. Are you interested in partnering with us to show Yatta the love and support she deserves? Email our sponsorship coordinator, Karen Pyle, at or click here to learn more about sponsorship.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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