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Meet Mohamed. This week, Mohamed is our latest child to be recognized in our ongoing How it Started – How it’s Going feature.

How it Started - Mohamed was born on March 3, 2019. Unfortunately, his mother passed away shortly after giving birth to him, leaving his grandparents to raise him. Then, in July 2019, Mohamed came to The Raining Season at just four months old. Coming to The Raining Season would mean Mohamed would have a safe place to live, opportunity through education, nutritious food, essential medical care, and spiritual nurturing every day.

How it’s Going - At the beginning of March, Mohamed turned four. As you can see in the pictures, Mohamed has grown from a sweet baby with squishy cheeks to a toddler who loves to run and play. In September, he started preschool at our primary school. Even before starting preschool, Mohamed enjoyed trying to read and write with the big kids. After participating in the summer studies, Mohamed also knew the alphabet as he prepared to begin preschool last fall. He is always cheerful and enjoys singing. Sometimes he will help lead songs during devotions. Mohamed is growing bigger every day and enjoys exploring the compound and playing on the verandas with his friends. His best friend is Aminata from the toddler apartment. Mohamed was very excited to see the return of travel. He enjoys spending time with the teams and playing with them.

Mohamed’s story might have looked very different had it not been for The Raining Season. Thank you for being a part of his story. We are grateful for the sponsors who have loved and supported him from the very beginning and those who have joined in supporting him in the years since he came to our center in 2019.

One of our greatest joys is watching the children we serve blossom into the amazing little humans they will become, and sponsors have the privilege to watch their child grow through updates and monthly Skype sessions. Are you interested in helping The Raining Season continue to grow through sponsorship? You can sponsor Mohamed or another child at TRS. Email to learn more.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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