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Na We Os

In five days, we will officially launch our 2022 Building Campaign. It is The Raining Season’s biggest fundraiser each year, and we are grateful for your unwavering support. The building campaign covers our rent for one year and ensures that the children we serve have a safe place to call home. For the past ten years, our children have been able to call The Covering home, thanks to the generous support of YOU! The Covering has welcomed teams and visitors to our center. It brought refuge in 2020 from a global pandemic, and most importantly, it has allowed us to serve some of the most vulnerable children in Sierra Leone when they need it the most. It provides hope and opportunity.

This year, the Na We Os Building Campaign will once again set a bold goal of raising $55,000 to cover our rent for one year. Why the Na We Os Building Campaign? “Na we os” is Krio for “This is our house.” Krio is the most widely spoken language in Sierra Leone. The Covering has allowed us to care for hundreds of children over the years, and The Covering has become their safe haven, their home.

We boldly ask you to step in and be the hands and feet of Jesus for our children at The Covering in Sierra Leone. We ask that you will prayerfully consider donating to our Building Campaign and helping us meet our goal of $55,000 by August 31st.

Over the next five weeks, we look forward to sharing what truly makes The Covering special as we work together to meet our goal. We will share weekly updates of our fundraising numbers as we break our BIG goal into smaller pieces.

The Lord is faithful, but this goal is not possible without YOU. Your tax-deductible donation means another year in the place where our kids are loved, nourished, educated, and discipled. How can you help? Pray, share, donate.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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