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Our Hearts Are SO Grateful for YOU

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to every individual and family that donated to our 2021 Matthew 25 Building Campaign. Because of our generous community, we are able to show up and do what we do every day.

While we would love to share the good news that we hit our goal to cover the rent at The Covering for another year, we didn’t quite get there. Together, we raised $52,567, just shy of our goal and needed $55,000. Our finance team is working to ensure we have the total amount to cover our rent, but you can still DONATE if you feel led to help us close the $2,500 gap.

This week, we will celebrate nine years in The Covering. We are grateful every day for the stability and protection it has provided. Without The Covering, many of our childrens’ stories would have looked very different.

As we celebrate nine years at The Covering, we are excited to tell Yeanoh (pictured below) that fifty-seven people said yes to providing her with shelter for another year. That means she has an apartment and a room she shares. She has a bed to sleep in, aunties that love and care for her, and roommates that have become like family.

At The Covering, Musa (pictured below) can count on three meals a day, thanks to our on-site kitchen. Another year at The Covering means three meals a day will help Musa continue to grow big and strong.

Your support of the building campaign also means Esther (pictured below) will be able to continue to attend school at The Covering. School is resuming this week in Sierra Leone, and Esther is able to receive a top-notch education thanks to our facilities and the teachers who make it possible.

At The Covering, Dauda (pictured below) has a place where he can run and play soccer with his friends. He can also count on our on-staff nurse when bumps and bruises appear, and he needs to visit our medical building.

Because of your generous donations, Mariama (pictured below) will continue to have a place to worship each week. Pastor Daniel and so many other staff members pour into and disciple our children, not only on Sundays but every day of the week.

We will also be able to continue to open our doors to children with special needs. The Raining Season is able to ensure they have a place where they are well cared for. Unfortunately, that is often not the case throughout Sierra Leone.

Finally, we are grateful that we will be able to welcome new children under our care in the coming year. The last eighteen months have been challenging, not only for The Raining Season but also throughout Sierra Leone and the world. Through your support, we are able to provide a safe place to live, essential medical care, opportunity through education, and spiritual nurturing every day when social welfare contacts us about the intake of a new child.

Thank you for your support in helping us continue to provide somewhere to sleep, somewhere to eat, somewhere to learn, somewhere to grow, somewhere to be discipled, somewhere to be safe, somewhere to be loved, and so much more. Securing The Covering for another year means more opportunities to love and serve in Sierra Leone. We look forward to seeing The Raining Season’s story continue to unfold as the Lord works through us in Sierra Leone in the coming year.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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