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Our New Ambassador Program

Updated: May 26, 2020

A quilt is a curious creation. It begins its life as a thought. An image is formed; a pattern is devised; a plan is invented. The quilter maps out how it will all come together. -Ed Belliard

In Africa, fabrics and textiles have a rich and deep history. If you have traveled on a team to Sierra Leone, you have likely visited the market. At the market, there are rows and rows of beautiful and brightly colored fabric lining the walls.  These fabrics serve many purposes. Quilting is just one way fabric can be used.

A quilt is a beautiful piece of artwork. It is an heirloom passed down from generation to generation. A quilt is made up of many small pieces and bound together. The Raining Season, similar to a quilt, is made up of many different parts. Individuals spread across the United States share their unique experiences to encourage and support The Raining Season. Some support by traveling, while others support through sponsorship.

We have board members and prayer warriors. Without each piece coming together, it is not whole. It is impossible that we could do what we do without each piece being carefully stitched and bound together. It’s because of people like YOU that our kids continue to grow and flourish. It is because of people like YOU that we launched the Roots Project. It is because of people like YOU that every child received a new bed to sleep in in 2018. And, it is because of people like you, that in 2020 we will be able to continue to serve the most vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.

Like a quilt with many steps and pieces, to The Raining Season, sponsorship is an essential piece of the finished product. Sponsorship is the heart and soul of The Raining Season. Without sponsors that are willing to commit to supporting our kids each month, our kids would not have an outstanding staff to love, disciple, and care for them.

Without sponsors, our kids would not have access to medication, food, and clean water. Without sponsors, our kids would not have access to quality education. As an organization, our goal is to be fully funded through sponsorship.  Fully funded includes meeting the needs that fall within the five pillars of our organization’s philosophy; safety, education, medical, spiritual, and nutrition.

In 2020 we are launching a new program called Ambassadors for Kids at TRS. We are looking for twelve individuals committed to serving The Raining Season in 2020. By sharing The Raining Season, our mission, and our amazing kids, each ambassador will be committing to bringing in two new sponsors each month.

This might be a friend, a family member, a coworker, someone from church, or even a connection within their social network. The possibilities are endless. Twelve ambassadors multiplied by two new sponsors each month would mean twenty-four new sponsors each month and 288 new sponsors in 2020. This may seem like a big feat, but we serve a big God and know that anything is possible.  

Thank you for being a piece of The Raining Season’s quilt. Thank you for providing a covering for The Covering. We appreciate you being a part of loving and taking care of these kids. Thank you for saying yes again and again.

Are you ready to say “YES!” to being an Ambassador for Kids at TRS? We are excited to launch this program in January. If you want to partner with us in this program, please reach out directly to our Executive Director, Francis Pyle, at

We are looking forward to watching the Lord continue to work in Sierra Leone and The Raining Season in 2020. Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Many blessings, 

The Raining Season


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