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Partnership with Medix

For the past four years, The Raining Season has been fortunate to partner with Medix, a U.S.-based recruiting company with over 650 employees spanning multiple locations across the United States. Medix prides itself on its ability to focus on its philanthropic impact. While they have many philanthropic adventures, kids have always been a focus, and The Raining Season has experienced this first hand.

Medix was initially connected to The Raining Season by Valerie Voll, Medix's Director of National Accounts and a TRS supporter. When they held their annual meeting in March of 2017, Medix invited several U.S.-based families who had adopted children from The Raining Season. These kids came and shared with Medix and helped them with a philanthropy activity of designing the "Shoe That Grows." This led to Medix launching a contest for teammates with the opportunity to travel to Sierra Leone. Each teammate was invited to submit an essay on why they would want to travel to Sierra Leone and volunteer at The Raining Season. Then, in July of 2017, a Medix team of seven, including CEO Andrew Limouris as well as salespeople and recruiters, traveled to our center.

Medix has supported The Raining Season in many ways over the past four years. They donated several hundred pairs of the "Shoe that Grows" to our kids. In 2018, The Raining Season was awarded Medix's Core Purpose Award at their annual meeting. They also sponsored the TRS community gala in Sierra Leone in 2018. One ongoing way they supported our kids was through monthly mentor Skype sessions with some of our older children. This project began after the Medix team traveled to Sierra Leone. About ten kids were assigned to an office at Medix, and they would Skype monthly to talk about life, school, and work at Medix. During that time, each Medix office made an incredible impact on our kids. Each month, they showed up and reminded our kids that they are loved and cared for across the globe.

This year, Medix launched a new program that will continue its philanthropic impact as well as reintroduce the company to The Raining Season and the Roots Project through an internal campaign. CEO Andrew Limouris announced Medix's Talentomorrow Foundation at a company event. Talentomorrow's mission is to positively impact and empower the growth of youth, including those pursuing higher education, aspiring professionals, job seekers, and those looking to upskill to achieve their true potential. When Medix launched the Talentomorrow Foundation this past summer, they named TRS and a mentorship program for kids in the Roots Project as their first initiative.

Medix has continued to be a big supporter of The Raining Season and, with the launch of the Roots Project, have shifted their focus to supporting and helping it grow. They are currently in the process of relaunching their Skype mentorship program through the Talentomorrow Foundation. This time, it will focus on a smaller group of the oldest kids and will center around serious mentorship. Each Roots participant will be paired with two Medix teammates for a thirty minute call each month. The monthly call will center on a specific topic such as career goals, soft skill development, dealing with emotions, and finding what makes each young adult unique. Their goal is to assist these young adults in heading down their appropriate path, whether university, trade school, employment, or something else. We are excited to see this program unfold as it officially launches this week.

We want to thank Medix's CEO, Andrew Limouris, for supporting The Raining Season. We are grateful for your vision to impact lives on a global level, and specifically your heart for TRS. Thank you to you and all of the Medix staff for partnering with The Raining Season. Thank you for investing in Sierra Leone's future leaders and the impact you have on these young adults as they grow, dream, and discover how to use their talents to serve others. We look forward to the future as this new program launches.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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