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Rigged Collaboration

Live life as if everything were rigged in your favor. -Rumi

Everyone, our children included, have a story to tell, and our stories are powerful. Our stories come with joy and hardships, but it's what we do in the difficult moments that help define who we become. When you live a life rigged, you trust the journey, not only the good but also the bad, and that it is all here to help us and make us stronger.

If you have traveled to our center, Skyped with a child you sponsor or followed us on social media for any amount of time, you know one thing for sure — our children radiate joy. There is no doubt that the road to TRS for these kids was tough. There's trauma and abandonment. However, as time goes on, they are transformed from the inside out. Many hear the gospel for the first time at The Covering, and we are grateful that slowly but surely, they open up and are able to shine. Their hardships do not define them, and they live life each day with optimism and hope because they know they serve a powerful God.

We are excited to share a special partnership this month. Katie Wood is an entrepreneur who lives by the philosophy that everything is rigged in our favor. Katie also sells RIGGED hats on her website and generously chooses a new organization each month to receive the proceeds from hat sales. This month, we are honored that Katie has chosen to partner with The Raining Season. That means proceeds of RIGGED hat sales in November will go back to The Raining Season!

Katie shared the meaning of "Rigged" on her Instagram. "This quote came into my life several years ago when I was going through a difficult time with my youngest daughter. She was diagnosed with a condition called craniosynostosis and needed a major surgery. My life felt like it was spinning out of control, and fear was overtaking my mind. At my very lowest point, my friend sent this quote to me, and chills went through my entire body. It allowed me to see the difficult moments as ones that make us stronger. It let me see failures as stepping stones and mistakes as life's greatest teacher. This hat was created to help raise money to give back to Boston Children's Hospital, where her six-hour life-saving surgery happened. To date, we have sold thousands of hats and raised over $12,000. Life is ALWAYS working for you and rigged in your favor, even if you can't see it at the moment. Hardships are part of life's menu, and unfortunately, out of our control. The attitude in which we respond to those hardships ARE in our control. If you can learn to see that setbacks are always a set up to something greater, life will be oh so beautiful."

This partnership came through the Walker family, who recently adopted from our center. Joe has been wearing his rigged hat throughout their adoption, including trips to Africa, and it helped him trust the journey. He wanted to purchase some hats for the boys at the center, and Katie wanted to take it a step further and include The Raining Season in her November hat sales. Earlier this month, Joe brought twenty RIGGED hats to Sierra Leone for our staff and kids. Joe was able to share the hats and remind our kids to trust and live their lives as though everything is rigged in their favor and teach our kids to see the good in everything — especially the hard times.

RIGGED hats have helped raise thousands of dollars that have been given to various foundations and organizations around the country. We are honored that they have chosen to partner with The Raining Season in November. These hats make a difference in the way you choose to look at life and by helping other lives.

Our staff and kids are sporting Katie Wood's RIGGED hats, and you can, too! When you purchase a RIGGED Baseball Cap in November, Katie will donate the proceeds to The Raining Season. Her goal is to sell 100 hats and to provide an entire month's supply of rice to The Raining Season… that's enough rice to feed 96 children!! Ten days into November and fifty-two hats have been sold!

Thank you, Katie, for supporting The Raining Season in November. We are thankful for your partnership and your heart for serving and blessing others.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28


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