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Serving Kono through Community Outreach

As The Raining Season prepares to eventually move to Kono, our February team had the opportunity to visit the future site and community that The Raining Season will call home.  While the team was eager to see the land, they also had the opportunity to serve the community.  This is the third time we have had the chance to participate in community outreach, and we have been in awe of how welcoming the community has been each time.  In 2022, we distributed forty bags of rice to a local orphanage, a school for the blind, and a local village.  Then, in 2023, as part of The Raining Season’s lease signing ceremony, TRS was able to distribute enough mosquito nets to cover two hundred households in Kono as well as food staples, including rice, palm oil, Maggi, baby food, and cookies for the children.  It is always an honor to get to know the people within the community and also serve them in a practical way.

The Raining Season

On this visit to Kono, the community welcomed our team, and many leaders from the community spoke and took part in welcoming them.  The team noticed that they are excited that TRS is moving there.  On the visit, the team was able to supply every child with a goodie bag, and each family within the community received food bags filled with rice, vegetables, and palm oil.  The team helped package, deliver, and distribute all of the resources within the community.

The Raining Season

The Raining Season is truly looking forward to this new journey and the impact it will have on our children and staff, as well as the Kono community.  We are excited to link arms with leaders in the community to continue serving others.  There are a lot of needs within our center, but there are even more needs outside our center.  Anything we can do to assist the community and build relationships within the Kono community is vital right now.  Please join us in praying as we continue work within the community, as construction on the land continues, and as we prepare to move operations out of Freetown to Kono.  

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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