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As we enter into Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we want to express our gratitude and thankfulness. Thankful only begins to describe how we feel.

This year, we have seen sponsorship grow and a successful building campaign that allowed us to secure The Covering for another year. We have welcomed new children to our center and continued to support the children who call The Raining Season home. We had our largest intake of children in many, and quickly, sponsors jumped on board to support them. In February of this year, we shared the news that Mary was our first young adult headed to University. Now eight more have passed their exams and are finishing applications hoping to join her. Travel resumed in July, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have welcomed two teams to our center this year. Teams were missed not only by our children but also by our staff over the past two years.

We are grateful for the many sacrifices you make to support The Raining Season financially. In 2022, you have supported The Raining Season through our building campaign, Meet the Need, our upcoming Christmas celebration, education and medical needs, sponsorship, and The Roots Project, to name a few. We are thankful for your prayers. The Lord continues to provide and bless The Raining Season in ways bigger than we could ever imagine. God has always been so gracious in fulfilling our needs.

We serve a mighty God, and He is working through The Raining Season in Sierra Leone. We are grateful for how you help us fulfill this mission, whether through prayer, financial support, sponsorship, travel, or sharing our story with others. We give thanks to God for all He has done for The Raining Season, and we will continue to share how he is working in Sierra Leone through The Raining Season.

From The Raining Season to your family – Happy Thanksgiving!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season

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