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Thank You!

We have spent time sharing about sponsorship, not only to give you a better look at what sponsorship is and why it is important, but also because WE NEED SPONSORS to link arms with us to help us continue our mission in Sierra Leone.

Sponsorship is the heart and soul of The Raining Season. Without sponsorship, we would be unable to pay a staff that shows up every day to care for the children who enter our gates. They provide safety for our kids. Our children find love, protection, and a family atmosphere with the support of 60+ staff focused solely on their care. Without sponsorship, we would be unable to provide clean water, food, and vitamins to our nearly one hundred children. Without sponsorship, there would be no center to provide a roof over their heads. A shelter from the heavy rains that come in August and September and the dry heat that follows in January. Without sponsorship, our children would not receive the best possible medical care. Medical care that provides relief from Malaria and other illnesses. Without sponsorship, our children would not have access to quality education. Education that allows them to score higher than most on national tests. Education that allows them to dream of a future as an accountant, a doctor, or a lawyer. Our sponsorship program is a critical part of the sustainability of The Raining Season. These five pillars are necessary but only brush the surface of what your sponsorship dollars provide.

We thought no one could describe the difference sponsorship makes better than our kids. We invite you to take the time to listen to how sponsorship impacts each child.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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