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TRS Primary School’s First Graduation

The Raining Season Primary School opened its doors to the community in the fall of 2022.  Since then, it has grown to more than one hundred thirty children from both TRS and the surrounding community. Pastor Sam Laggah serves as head of the school and has worked tirelessly to ensure the children receive a top-notch education.

This past Saturday, The Raining Season Primary School celebrated its first graduation ceremony!  Students finishing both Nursery 3 and Grade 6 participated in the ceremony.  This included fourteen children from Nursery 3 and ten students from Grade 6.  Graduation ceremonies in Sierra Leone are highly respected and a special time to celebrate the academic performance of the students before their parents, fellow classmates, teachers, and other invited guests.  They wear regalia and receive certificates for transitioning to the next level of their academic journey.  The Nursery 3 students will begin Grade 1 in the fall, while the Grade 6 students will transition to Junior Secondary School outside the center.

The Raining Season

The ceremony included a processional hymn, in which all the graduating students marched in their regalia, followed by staff and other guests.  The Nursery 3 students recited educational passages, and the Grade 6 students acted out short skits. A guest speaker shared about the graduation theme – Children are a Heritage from the Lord.  Finally, there was group dancing by Nursery 3 students, and all the graduates received a certificate of achievement.

The Raining Season

Pastor Sam Laggah shared about this day and what it means for The Raining Season, “This first graduation ceremony means a lot to me because it is a dream come true.  We actually planned it last year, but we were not able to get the regalia from another school.  We thank God for Aunty Lisa, who helped with forty for the school.”

The Raining Season

The school year is finishing up in Sierra Leone.  The nursery classes have already closed for the year because of the heavy rains. However, The Raining Season Primary School will end its school year on July 19th.

Congratulations to our children on a successful school year! We are proud of your hard work all year. Congratulations to the five Nursery 3 children and four Grade 6 students from our center who participated in the graduation ceremony.  

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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