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We're Back to School!!

September at The Raining Season means that it is time for our kids to head back to school. On September 7th, our younger children that attend school at the center began their new school year. Last week, our older kids that attend school outside of the center started their classes. We are once again fortunate not only that many of our children are able to attend school onsite but also that our outside school is located very close to the center.

A new school year means excitement, new uniforms, backpacks, and supplies for our kids. We were also able to purchase new furniture for our classrooms at the center. All of these things help ensure that our kids have what they need for a successful school year.

While summer meant time to play and relax, the children also continued to study throughout the summer. During the week, they spent two hours studying each day. These study hours will ensure that our kids are well prepared for the new school year. We are grateful that our children continue to excel and make progress in school. Many of our children passed their end of year exams and are moving on to a new grade level this year. We currently have three children who have started the West Africa Senior School Certificate examinations. Passing this exam would allow them to enroll in university. Pray for our students taking this exam that they may demonstrate their knowledge and pass. Every day, we are thankful for the fantastic teachers who do an excellent job instructing our kids and preparing them for their futures.

We know how important an excellent education is in impacting our children's future success. We are proud of their dedication to their studies and excitement for the new school year. Education is a stepping stone in helping our kids achieve their dreams of becoming doctors, accountants, teachers, and lawyers. Join us in praying for our teachers and children as they enter a new school year.

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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