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We Want to Hear From YOU!

“Books don’t change people; paragraphs do, sometimes even sentences.” - John Piper

Calling all storytellers... This week we want to hear from YOU!

Everyone has a story to tell. Every story matters. Our kids have stories of trauma, but also stories of redemption. They all have a voice and a story to tell. Their stories are unfolding, and in time, they will have the power to tell their stories.

In June and July, many of our children had an opportunity to participate in a writing contest. They were reminded that their voice, this superpower provided by God, is what separates humans from the rest of creation. Our bodies can be imprisoned, trampled, and abused, but nobody can take our voices. Not if you don’t let them.  

The same is true for you, our biggest supporters, travelers, cheerleaders, sponsors, and prayer warriors. You have a story to tell. Your story matters. We hope you will share your Raining Season story with us. How has travel or sponsorship impacted you? Is there a moment that had a profound impact on you? Do you have a lighthearted or humorous story to share? 

We want to feature several stories with our supporters. We have seen snippets of the impact The Raining Season has made on our supporters, and we think it is time to share those stories with an even bigger audience. It is a chance to reflect on where we’ve been and look ahead to where we are going. You can message your writing piece, whether a short story or paragraph, via our Facebook or Instagram page or you can email it directly to:

Also, this week we are thrilled to share photos from our first Meet the Need Campaign in July.  Thanks to your generous donations, within a matter of days, we were able to raise $900 to purchase medical supplies as well as new flip flops for all of the children.  Thank you to everyone who donated and shared.  As you can see from their smiles, these new flip flops were an exciting treat!

Many blessings,

The Raining Season


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